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Global Drilling Solutions [GDS] specializes in the supply of equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. GDS custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities. Whether Customers are constructing, operating, maintaining or upgrading wells, GDS is able to provide solutions that make a positive impact on our Customers well activity performance.

GDS's range of equipment and service solutions include;

  • Rig
    • Total Rig Site Packages, from 350hp - 4000hp
    • Rig Performance Upgrades
    • Equipment and tools
    • Service and spares
  • Fluids
    • Total Well Site Packages for storing, mixing, pumping, and treating of well construction fluids
    • Total Well Site Packages for well construction fluid waste treatment, storage and disposal
    • Equipment and tools
    • Service and spares
  • Safety
    • Equipment
    • Management Systems
    • Studies
  • Consultancy
    • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects
    • Commissioning Projects
    • Rig Operations Management Projects

Global Drilling Solutions has the personnel and experience to ensure that our Rig and equipment packages are manufactured to international standards, and can start up and operate with maximum uptime in the field. With a long history of operating and maintaining onshore and offshore rigs our personnel are well equipped to assist our customers optimize their rig packages to save operational time during drilling and moving activities.

Global Drilling Solutions employs manufacturer audit and grading processes combined with full manufacturing QAQC monitoring and control processes to guarantee the quality of the final product supplied to our Customers.


Global Drilling Solutions was established in 2011, evolving from its former company which between 2006 and 2010 delivered various Drilling rig Packages, equipment, spare parts & technical support to the international oil and gas industry. 

The management of Global Drilling Solutions comprises experience from International onshore and offshore Rig Contractors, Rig fabricators and Well Construction service contractors.


Through vast experience, Global Drilling Solutions has established a list of approved API accredited manufacturers that have all the relevant API & ISO certification required as well as proven commitment to quality. Our commitment to quality includes the use of non-Chinese raw material for our downhole products such as crossover subs, bit subs, and stabilizers to name a few. This same commitment to quality is used during manufacturing of equipment packages. Global Drilling Solutions are on site, contributing to the design & quality of the end product, and its ability to perform in the field. In addition Global Drilling Solutions has developed its own acceptance testing standards that exceed conventional Factory Acceptance Testing.

All of our efforts during manufacturing are aimed at provided the Customer with the peace of mind that when the equipment arrives on location, it is ready to go to work, and it will perform reliably.

Global Drilling Solutions provides comprehensive after sales service, including equipment installation and rig up/drilling support, operational training, warranty interface, and supply of technical service and spare parts. With each and every rig package sold, Global Drilling Solutions is committed to supply a warehouse facility consisting of a consignment of both critical & non critical spare parts along with consumable spares and technical support to the end user.


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