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Blowout Prevention Equipment

Global Drilling Solutions Inc can provide traveling blocks to suiGlobal Drilling Solutions Inc can supply blowout preventers including Shaffer type, Cameron type and Hydril type. All of our Blowout preventers, BOP control system, and choke and kill manifolds meets the industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). As a global supplier of high quality oilfield equipment to the oil and gas industry, we ship our products around the world.

3rd Party inspection company can be arranged to witness the manufacture or testing process if required.

Annular Blowout Preventer and Ram Blowout Preventer
Blowout preventers (BOPs) are used to control blowout. The crew usually installs several blowout preventers (BOP stack) on top of the well, with an annular blowout preventer at the top and at least one pipe ram and one blind ram blowout preventer below. Also, some well control techniques require both the annular and the ram blowout preventers.

An annular blowout preventer has a rubber sealing element that, when activated, seals the annulus between the kelly, the drill pipe, or the drill collar. If no part of the drill stem is in the hole, the annular blowout preventer closes on the open hole.

Ram blowout preventers are large steel rams that have sealing elements. One type of ram blowout preventer is called a pipe ram because it closes on the drill pipe; it cannot seal on open hole. Blind ram blowout preventers are straight-edged rams used to close an open hole.

Shaffer Type Cameron Type and Hydril Type Blowout Preventers
We supply annular blowout preventers, single ram blowout preventers, and double ram blowout preventers, which can be used for land drilling and offshore drilling operations.

We supply Shaffer type blowout preventers, Cameron type blowout preventers, Hydril type blowout preventers and BOP closing units.

Annular Blowout Preventer

Single Ram

Double Ram

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