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Mud Guns

The GDS LOW PRESSURE MUD GUN add the required stirring or blending effect in rectangular mud tanks to avoid solid settling in corners, around lower located suction and discharge lines or other mechanical obstructions. Used in combination with the agitators, the created flow pattern by the Mud Guns adds to the overall suspension of drill solids in the mud and minimizes or eliminates mud tank entry for clean-up operations. The Low Pressure Mud Guns are also used to circulate new mixed drilling fluids to enhance the Mud Rheology.

The 360° swivel joint and retractable sleeve handle are connected to the lower portion of the Mud Gun, which allows for directional positioning to stir dead spots, maximize
efficiency and ease of operation.

The Low Pressure Mud Guns comes in two sizes:-

  • Two Inch (Low Volume)
  • Three Inch (High Volume)

Dimension & Weight
Length = 250mm
Width = 150mm
Height = Tank Specific
Weight = Tank Specific

Part Description
1. Swivel Assembly
2. Handle, Horizontal
3. Handle, Vertical
4. Top nipple
5. Handle, Pivot Bolt
6. Handle, Attachment Bolt
7. Grease Zerk
8. Swivel Lock Bolt
9. Bottom Nipple
10. Discharge Nozzle
11. Top Elbow
12. Bottom Elbow

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