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On all subs (such as kelly sub, x‐over drill pipe to drill collar, x‐over drill collar to drill collar, bit sub, etc.) please specify so we can give you the correct bevel diameter.

  • Overall length
  • Largest diameter
  • Bore
  • Size & type of connections, indicating pin or box, & special joint features such as bore back or stress relief groove.

On reduced section subs add the following specifications:-

  • Diameter of reduced section
  • Length of reduced section: 18 or 24 inches

On bit subs add the following specifications:-

  • Float bore, size and type

Bit Subs

Bit Sub With Float

Bit Sub With No Float

Kelly Saver Subs

No Protector

Groove For Protector

Throw Away

Reduced Section Subs

Box x Box

Box x Pin

Pin x Pin

Box x Box Inverted

Box x Pin Inverted

Pin x Pin Inverted

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