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The GDS VACUUM DEGASSER is a compact footprint Degassing Unit designed to remove Gas, H2S and Corrosive Oxygen from gas-cut drilling fluids and has a handling capacity of up to 1,200gpm.

The working principles behind the “Dome” Compact Vacuum Degasser are based on three key elements which are:

  • Mud Circulation (Venturi)
  • Increased Surface Area
  • Vacuum

By circulating clean fluid through the Venturi discharge line, gas-cut drilling fluid is drawn into the vessel. The vacuum created inside the vessel increases the entrained gas bubble expansion velocity. Gas-cut Drilling Fluid is then diverted over the internal fiberglass disk stack leaves, increasing the surface area and enhancing the “Break Out’ of the gas from the Drilling Fluid.

A vacuum pump is used to remove all freed gasses from the vessel and vented off at a safe location. The internal mounted float valve connected to the external three way float valve ensures that a safe fluid level is maintained within the Degasser at all times.

Dimension & Weight
Length = 1,530mm
Width = 2,570mm
Height = 2,010mm
Dry Weight = 1,550Kg
Wet Weight = 4,750Kg (18ppg)

Specification Summary
Handling Capacity = 1,000 & 1,200 gpm

Motor Specification
One (1) 5hp Motor
460v / 60Hz 1,750rpm
380v / 50Hz 1,450rpm
Explosion Proof
Class I, Group D, Div1 UL

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