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Rotary Tables

Highly mobile Workover rigs designed for maneuverability and performance in rugged conditions. The API Telescoping Masts are of solid construction providing strength and durability. Self propelled or Trailer version can have up to five (5) rear axle assemblies’ to conform to your local road regulations and are powered by either single or twin deck mounted Caterpillar diesel engines with Allison transmissions. Self propelled models can be supplied with left or right hand driver cabin option.

Workover Light Drilling Rig Specifications

Workover depth (2-7/8″DP)10,000ft15,000ft19,000ft23,000ft26,000ft 
Drilling depth (4 1/2″ DP)3,300ft5,000ft6,600ft8,200ft10,000ft13,000ft
Max hook load200,000lbs250,000lbs300,000lbs350,000lbs400,000lbs500,000lbs
Engine ModelCat-C9Cat-C15Cat-15Cat-182 x Cat-C152 x Cat-C18
Mast Height95ft105ft108ft115ft125ft125ft
Drill line diameter1″1″1″1″1-1/4″1-1/4″
Hook speed (ft/s)0.66~5.740.66~3.940.66~4.590.66~4.270.66~4.270.66~4.27
Substructure Type (Optional)TelescopingTelescopingTelescopingTelescopingTelescoping or Swing-liftTelescoping or Swing-lift
Drill Module RampOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Rotary table thru size
Hook/block ModelUTB-90UTB-110UTB-135UTB-160UTB-180UTB-225
Swivel ModelSL-110SL-110SL-135SL-1160SL-225SL-225
Mud SystemOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Mud PumpsPAHF-500F-500F-800F-1000 or PZ-9F-1000 or PZ-9
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